Make a Workbench in Fusion 360 by Brandon Cullum

Make a Workbench in Fusion 360

Follow the step by step process of modeling a traditional Roubo style woodworking bench.

What's included?

Video Icon 13 videos


Main Workbench Structure
Create a Sketch
14 mins
Build the Top
7 mins
Build the Base
18 mins
Build the Shelf
16 mins
Shelf Fix
3 mins
Width Fix
3 mins
Create an End Cap
19 mins
Workbench Add Ons
Create a Deadman
15 mins
Create a Deadman Rail
6 mins
Add Materials
2 mins
Design Dog Hole Layout
18 mins
Create Mounting Holes for a Vise
19 mins
What's Next
1 min

My name is Brandon Cullum

I’m no expert and most of my projects are things I’m trying for the very first time.  I want to bring you along for the journey and highlight where I mess up so we can learn how to make it better the next time around.