Furniture Design in Fusion 360

Learn my entire design process to take your next furniture build from idea to finished plans that is instantly adjustable!

Make a Workbench in Fusion 360

Design and build a traditional style Roubo woodworking workbench in Fusion 360.
View course $14.99

Make a Bed in Fusion 360

Dive into Fusion 360 and learn how to model a bed with extra storage.

Furniture Design in Fusion 360 (CAD & CAM Bundle)

Learn how to model Furniture in Fusion 360 (CAD) and how to generate tools paths to cut the pieces out on a CNC (CAM).

CNC and CAM in Fusion 360

Learn the CAM environment in Fusion 360 for CNC!  **This is a pre-sale of the course at a reduced price.